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    FL - Hillsborough teacher tried to have another teacher killed


    The man on the phone with Plant City police had a strange tale to tell.

    A Bloomingdale High School teacher, the man said, had tried to hire him to kill someone. He was pretty sure the teacher, a longtime friend, wasn’t joking. If police didn’t get involved, he was afraid someone would wind up dead.

    And there was more. The target was another teacher.

    That was on Aug. 8. On Thursday, Plant City police arrested James J. Pepe of Brandon on a charge of solicitation of first-degree murder. Pepe, who was arrested at Bloomingdale High School, is being held in the Hillsborough County Jail with no bail.

    Pepe, 55, is accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill Robert Meredith of Plant City, who has been with the school district for 12 years. The two had both taught last year at Strawberry Crest High School in Dover, where Meredith is listed as a social studies teacher.

    More at link with video.......

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    After reading the news article and comments after, seems like this guy has a few screws loose. Sounds like he's been a strange guy for quite a while. Mr. Meredith is a lucky man to still be alive.

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    Police and others who knew Pepe said in recent years the teacher had felt threatened and had become suspicious of his peers.
    Sounds to me like the man had some mental health issues, I’m glad the other teacher’s safe.
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    Told by police that Hillsborough colleague plotted to kill him, Strawberry Crest High teacher wonders: Why me?


    .............Plant City police said in announcing the arrest that the men had a simmering feud — that Pepe believed Meredith was spreading vicious rumors about him.

    But Meredith's attorney said Monday the truth is more bizarre: that Meredith barely knew Pepe, and hadn't thought about him since last year when Pepe transferred to Bloomingdale High.

    "He cannot imagine what it is," said Jim Guarnieri, the attorney hired by Meredith last week. Meredith, 49, whom Guarnieri describes as very private, declined an interview. .................

    Guarnieri said police seemed skeptical of his client's assertion that he and Pepe had no real feud. But, "When they started digging back into this guy's history," he said, "it became evident this was not a normal situation."

    Meredith told Guarnieri that he had some sense of security over the last six weeks, knowing that police were monitoring Pepe. The police school resource officer at Strawberry Crest was also aware, the attorney said.

    "It was one of those things were he was just extra careful about who he opened the door to," he said.

    More at link.......

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