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    FL - Terrifying attack called hate crime

    TAMPA - It was 2 a.m. Wednesday, and at least five people were pounding at the front door of Ayesha Colclough's South Tampa apartment, shouting racial slurs and vowing to get her.

    "Please, please, please, send someone to 4205 S Manhattan," pleaded the terrified woman, according to a 911 tape. "I am sitting in my apartment and they're throwing stuff at the glass window. . . . They're all white. One of them is bald, and he has neo-Nazi tattoos on his body."

    Clearly audible in the background is screaming, cursing and the thud of fists against the door.

    For the second time that night, police came, arriving within minutes. Colclough and her boyfriend Collin Broadway, 38, were not seriously injured.

    The five alleged attackers - two women and three men, all of them young and white - were arrested and face multiple felony and misdemeanor charges.


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    This is so disturbing. What ever would have happened had not the
    arrived in time? A bunch of ignorant,ignorant ****s inflamed by
    beer,etc. Boy, I'm glad her little
    girls weren't there! As for these punks: too bad we don't
    have public caning as some other countries-they could use a thorough
    one! jmo.

    Anyway, I sure hope she can get a decent place to live in a nice
    neighborhood and SOON. That place sounds terrible unsafe for

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