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    Zombie bees spread to Washington state!

    The zombee condition recently crept into Washington state. Novice beekeeper Mark Hohn spotted bees jerking about outside his suburban Seattle home.



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    Oh my word...I swear. This zombie stuff has GOT to stop, or else I'm going to start worrying about the Zombcopalypse. Like on "The Walking Dead."

    I did figure out how to live in a house during the Zombcopalypse. Get as many treadmmills as needed to surround your property. Face them outwards. Adapt them all to solar energy. Once the zombie gets on it, it can never reach your house; they keep walking and walking. You can pick your shots that way, too.

    And since it's solar, you have all summer to figure out how to survive.

    See? I've been thinking and planning.

    But these zomBEEs scare me.


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    Be God's Light. Be God's love. Be an answered prayer. Be God's Door.

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