Thought this was an interesting case not only because of the length of time it took the RCMP to track him down but how he was able to get away with it for 17 years. Only 70 kms away.

Police are calling the arrest a clear example of a criminal's past catching up with him.

"We had absolutely no records in our system on him for 17 years," RCMP Cpl. Colette Zazulak said.
"He was really under the radar for a long time. He didn't have a driver's licence and he wasn't working, so many of the vital statistics, records and information weren't there to help us out."

Zazulak said it was only recently that officers working with Alberta's specialized integrated fugitive apprehension unit were able to get some people to give information on Young's whereabouts.

In addition, officers busting down Young's door on a warrant also made a surprise discovery: a marijuana grow operation supported by two women living at the home.

"They had no idea that there would be a marijuana grow," Zazulak said, adding officers then called in their drug unit to seize the dope.

"We're thrilled that 17 years later, we've been able to put this guy behind bars. These are really serious offences and clearly he's still been engaged in criminal activity."
Young faces numerous charges including kidnapping, extortion, forcible confinement, aggravated assault, pointing a firearm, robbery, uttering threats, cruelty to animals and assault with a weapon.

Young, and the two women living with him, will also face charges under the Controlled Substances Act.
Young has been taken into custody and has not spoken to bail, police said.

Onoway is approximately 70 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.