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    AZ - Carl, 57, & Jane Suraci, 46, Aguila, 1 Nov 2007

    Carl and Jane Suraci were murdered in their home on the night of November 1, 2007. They lived at 22610 N 529th Ave., Aguila AZ 85320. This is in western Maricopa county. Their home was invaded. They were killed by gun shot. Some of their dogs were also murdered. The structure was set ablaze probably in an attempt to destroy evidence. The scene was originally investigated as a murder/suicide. It was later determined to be a double homicide. People who lived in the area and knew the Suraci's as productive community members felt like local drug dependent individuals were responsible.

    I became aware of the crime after doing Internet searches related to the Yogurt Shop Murders in Austin Tx in December 1991. The victims of both murders were killed by gun and then the structure was set afire. They also shared a common relative.

    Has law enforcement made any progress in solving this case? Is it similar to other crimes in this area? Has anybody been convicted of similar crimes in the area? Is it known if anything was taken? Was anybody familiar with the Suraci property suspected? We're people known by the Suraci's outside of the area thought of as possible perps? Former spouses, lovers, business associates? People they dealt with from their former lives in Sedona and Virginia? I understand they were former counselors. Did they have enemies from their professional activities? Did they have large amounts of cash or jewelry? What was the source of the funds for their property and animals?

    From reading Internet posts of friends and family, the Suraci's were well regarded by many friends and family. I hope the cause and perpetrator of their murders can be discovered.

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    Links relevant to the case:

    "Authorities hope that an increase in a reward will help solve the killing of a husband and wife in Aguila last year.
    Carl Suraci, 57, and his wife, Jane, 46, were shot, killed and then burned in their manufactured home just before midnight on Nov. 1, Sgt Paul Penzone, a Silent Witness spokesman, said Wednesday. Maricopa County sheriff's investigators believed the fire was set to cover up the killings and that the Suracis were specifically targeted
    The reward has been raised to $11,000."


    "Silent Witness" Video asking for help in solving the case:


    Blog re: Carl & Jane:


    This case certain appears to be as cold as they get


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