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    CO - Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Thread

    One of our posters asked for a memorial thread for Jessica, so here it is.

    This thread is to post your condolences to Jessica's family, your thanks to the community and Law Enforcement for their hard work, your positive thoughts that the perp is caught quickly, links to the candle room and other messages of compassion and hope.

    For now, the thread will remain open until shortly after any services for Jessica.

    I know this does not need to be said, but this is a zero tolerance thread - no snark, no blaming, no speculating, no theorizing. If in doubt, don't post it here.


    May Jessica rest in peace and may something positive come from this so that her death was not in vain. Prayers that all the Angels stay with Jessica, guiding and comforting her and her family.

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    RIP sweetheart

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    It was so sad to see the name of the thread change to deceased. It is heartbreaking to see the video they show on headline news and to learn what happened. I hope her parents, family, friend and community can gain strength to make it through this difficult time and the difficult times ahead.

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    up north

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    RIP Precious girl

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    Thanks Salem!

    I was thinking about sweet Jessica this morning and the term "Angel Unaware" came to mind. I decided to search to see if a poem or song existed with that theme. There is indeed a song. I read the lyrics and it gave me a peace, not just about Jessica, but about all the children who are taken far too soon and through ugly violence.

    I believe those children are Angels Unaware. That means that they walked this earth as Angels. They were next to us and among us and we didn't know. They are too precious for this world. They could not stay long. The violence separates their beautiful souls from their bodies. The body was just a vessel. The beautiful soul flies free.

    RIP Jessica

    My sincere condolences to the Ridgeway and Bryant families and friends.

    Much love and many tears from Central Missouri

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    My heartfelt condolences to the family, community, searchers and LE.

    A young beautiful life was taken too soon.

    May the warmth of never ending love surround you for eternity Dear sweet Jessica.

    May you be surrounded by fields of flowers and loving furry friends for ever.

    Fly with your new wings beautiful Angel.......

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    Your spirit and your smile will be missed, especially by those who loved you most. May the Lord bless your soul and may you rest in eternal peace, Jessica.

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    Dear Jessica,

    If I could, I would paint the entire world purple just for you.


    I am so sorry I never got to meet you and that you didn't get to do all the wonderful and beautiful things that were ahead of you in your life.


    I am praying for all of your family and friends right now... that they can somehow make it through the horror they are living.


    You did not deserve to have your life cut short Miss Jessica. And there is a world of people out here who never knew you... but will keep the faith until Justice is served in your name.


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    You were a precious angel,on loan from heaven to teach us all, about love..Rest now,no one can hurt you..

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    Memories and little prayers
    We are all mourning you
    But we'll celebrate the short life you led
    We will never forget you Jessica.

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    What a terrible shame, Jessica has touched so many and was so loved beyond what she could ever imagine. May her story and stay here on earth continue to be remembered and shared to keep that lovely smile alive. <3

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    Words can never begin to express how sorry I am for Jessica and for all of your family. I don't know why this horrible tragedy had to happen, but I know that God and Jesus are with you and that Jessica is in their arms. I am so sorry. Please do not blame yourselves. You did nothing to cause this. You seem like very kind and loving people and your love for Jessica is very obvious. I will be praying for Jessica and for you. I am sure the police will catch this horrible person that has harmed your baby. I am so sorry. God bless you all.

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    I just took time to catch up on the news and the unbelievable report that the body which was found was indeed Jessica.

    I'm not ready for this to be over. I want another turn, another chance for Jessica to sleep safe and warm in her "nest". It feels like the moment when I realize my car keys are in the car but I have just let go of the door, wwwwaaaaiiiitttt. Too late though to change the out come.

    Jessica and her family and friends will be in my thoughts and prayers and always and forever in my heart.

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    RIP sweet Jessica. I was so sad when it was confirmed.
    "The death of a baby is like a stone cast into the stillness of a quiet pool;
    the concentric ripples of despair sweep out in all directions,
    affecting many, many people."
    --De Frain, 1991
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    "Farewell for a while~I'm going away~But I'll be back
    Though I go 10,000 miles~10,000 miles~My own true love~10,000 miles or more~The rocks may melt
    And the seas may burn~If I should not return"
    Gone but never forgotten.........

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