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    CA - Phyliss O'Brien Carson, 32, French Camp, 27 Oct 1970

    California woman hopes Facebook can help solve mom's 1970 murder

    A Facebook page started by a California woman to solve the 42-year-old murder of her mother has rekindled interest in the case and generated information police say "needs to be investigated."


    Phyllis O'Brien Carson, was 32 with four children when she disappeared on Oct. 27, 1970, after visiting a popular bar called Francis Truck Stop in the small, close-knit community 77 miles east of San Francisco.

    Carson, who was out with her brother and sister, called home to check on her children and told relatives she was getting a ride home from a friend, whom she did not name. That was the last time she was heard from.

    Carson's body was found by pheasant hunters three weeks later.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/10/10...#ixzz29A7OY4LT

    Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Phylisspage

    *Thanks to WS member Creole for a heads up on this case!

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    This is such a sad story.

    It seems fairly certain the person Phyliss accepted a ride from was someone she knew. She referred to him as a friend, but I'm assuming he could have been just an acquaintance.

    Here is what I'd like to know:

    Did Phyliss work outside the home and if so, where and with whom?

    Did Phyliss belong to any kind of organizations or church groups, a bowling league, etc., where she might have met this man?

    Was Phyliss someone who made friends quickly/easily, or was she more reserved?

    Also, after Phyliss was murdered, did anyone in her circle of friends and/or acquaintances move out of town, or stop socializing with the people he usually hung out with?

    Did the family have any suspicions as to who murdered Phyliss?

    I'm going to read some old articles on Phyliss's murder and will probably have a lot more questions, but hopefully I'll also have a few answers as well.

    Prayers to Phyliss's family, who are a testament to her by never letting her be forgotten.

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    Bumping this up for Phyliss and her family.

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    "the motive likely wasn't robbery because all of her mother's jewelry was still on and her wallet hadn't been taken."


    I think the person Phyliss accepted a ride with made some type of sexual advances towards her, which she rejected and which unfortunately led to her murder. JMO

    Since this was a small community, I agree with Melissa (Phyliss's daughter) that someone has to know something. Maybe that person has left the area and forgotten all about.

    I hope the Fox News coverage for Phyliss reaches someone with information who will come forward and help her family get some answers.

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    Gov. Brown Offers Reward for Information in 1970 Cold Case; Victim’s Daughter Speaks Out


    It's hard for Melissa Carson to try and retrieve images from her childhood brain, back before the smiling innocence of those times disappeared.

    The flashes that come back of her mom Phyllis -- busy with four young children -- are like a quilt filled with mismatched squares of fabric.

    "I remember going shopping with her at times," she says with a slight smile.
    "I can't get that, why nobody came forward and everybody's statement's back there wasn't per se... forthcoming," Carson said.

    That's why the proclamation she won this week from Governor Jerry Brown, allocating $50,000 of state funds to create a reward for a case almost 50 years cold, is so meaningful.

    "You would think 47 year — who cares? Well, I still do," Carson said, dabbing at her eyes.

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    Another link about the reward for information:


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