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    OR - Shannon Elizabeth Rishel, 25, Rufus, 9 Jul 1995

    Came across this case researching another and I did not see a thread for her here. Haven't searched any further but it smells a bit funny and definitely should be solvable.

    Doe Network page: http://doenetwork.org/cases/1226dfor.html
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    There is an article on the left hand side, stating that a witness saw her get into a semi truck between 5 and 6 am. Short article. Names boyfriend and tells what the witness saw.
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    Shannon Elizabeth Rishel: A Redmond mother of two, Rishel was reported missing by her boyfriend July 9, 1995, when she was 25.

    Jeff Gilmore, of Bend, told investigators the two had been driving on a dirt road near the Columbia River town of Rufus when Rishel’s white Camaro became high-centered.

    Gilmore said he fell asleep and when he woke up the next morning, Rishel was gone.

    Authorities found the clothing Gilmore said she was wearing as well as her purse, identification and cigarettes inside the car. Gilmore, then 20, told investigators that Rishel had a change of clothes with her on the night she disappeared.

    The area where Rishel’s car was found is bordered by 800-foot cliffs and officials have speculated that Rishel may have wandered off and fallen.

    Investigators combed the area and an air search was conducted. Diving teams also searched two small ponds but turned up nothing.


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