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    Father Scalds Infant With Colic

    19 year old Jorge Colon scalded his one month old daughter because he couldn't stand her screaming anymore. Uhhhh, brilliant.

    Jorge and the baby's mother actually took her to the hospital on Friday because the child screamed for days. That's "days". She was deemed to have colic and sent home with her parents. While mom took a shower Jorge said he would bathe the baby and he got so frustrated he turned on the scalding water. Little doll is in critical condition.


    How flippin sad is that? How much pain must that poor baby be in?

    On another note there should be some sort of gauge when people bring an infant with colic into a Doctor or hospital. People need help when you have a new baby that screams continuously. Admittedly I was one of those people, but knew enough and was Blessed enough to have numerous people to call. "Please I can't stand this anymore. She has not slept or stopped crying yet and it's been two days". That or walk out. Put the baby down and go in a closet, a bathroom, and hold your ears so you can have a tiny break.

    In no way excusing scalding your infant, but that screaming leaves you frustrated, tired, and plain bonkers. I recall wondering if I felt that bad how my poor baby felt.

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    Exactly, Filly! To me, this is part of the younger parents not understanding how a child develops and not seeking help, which is out there from family and agencies....

    NO excuse for this....if he couldn't handle it, just walk away....it's not going to kill the baby if she screams a while, but this scalding might do it!

    They are punishing a month old baby for being a baby, just to vent their frustration of not knowing how to handle a baby and what to expect.

    I'm beginning to wish couples had to get a license and attend child development courses before getting pregnant....

    WISH...I know it's not gonna happen.....

    ETA: I also wish the hospitals, doctors could follow up with these cases but I imagine budget problems have cut back on the visiting nurses we used to refer such cases to...anybody know if they have visiting nurses anymore...used to be through the health dept.....

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    In our area hey will send a home nurse out once a week for the first 6 weeks after a baby is born in "high risk" cases. Not sure of the criteria used to gauge high risk though.

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