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    GA - Teacher repeatedly exposes severely allergic student to her allergen

    By burning a candle. Nurse told her not to use it after student's first reaction, but she thought it would be enough to blow it out before the student entered the classroom. The student received treatment several more times during the year due to reactions, and also failed the class due to inability to concentrate/drowsiness.


    WTF? You'd think a teacher know better.

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    I couldn't believe this either. As a teacher & a severe asthmatic, I think consideration needs to be given to charging this teacher with something--reckless endangerment, reckless disregard. . .etc.

    Many of my students are also asthmatic, I do not wear perfume or anything with scent. I have been known to send students who douse themselves with Axe after P.E. to the bathroom to wash up. That stuff sets off most of my asthmatic students. GRRRRR. . . .

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