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    FL - 23 men arrested in child sex sting



    Gary M. Amato, 54, from Cape Canaveral, unemployed

    • Christopher L. Crews, 24, from Palatka, contractor for FP&L

    • Nathaniel L. Fritz, 18,from Embry-Riddle, student/Embry-Riddle

    • Michael W. Fuller, 51, from Belleview, retired

    • Eric J. Geores, 24, from St Augustine, custodian

    • Rodney L. Holley, 27, Allied Building Products

    • Job K. Jesuraju, 19, student/Embry-Riddle

    • Robert Maddelena, 57, from St Augustine, sales rep

    • Duane P. Owen, 54, from Ormond Beach

    • Jayson P. Parker, 27, from Ormond Beach, flooring company

    • David O. Payet, 18, from Titusville, unemployed

    • Joshua Rockwood, 20, from DeLand

    • Lucas J. Rothermel, 20, from Daytona Beach, student/WyoTech

    • Andrew J. Scheler, 25, from Edgewater, Target

    • Ryan G. Shaw, 26, from Daytona Beach, receptionist

    • Richard L. Short, 23, from Palm Coast, Cracker Barrel employee

    • George L. Snyder, 39, from Astor, unemployed

    • Brandon R. Mize, 24, from Kingsland GA, cook

    • Kevin A. Stephens, 29, from Palm Coast

    • Kenneth A. Thomas, 28, from Daytona Beach, Hooters

    • Luciano R. Visentin, 19, from Apopka, Publix

    • Paul D. Way, 36, 5/23/76, from Melbourne FL, Army Reservist

    • John F. Williams, 66, 7/25/46, from Port Orange, doctor/semi-retired

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    This. Is. Awesome.

    I'd like to see a lot more resources allocated to this kind of sting. Who knows how many child rapists might end up with their DNA and prints on file, if these operations were carried out often and everywhere?

    I feel bad for the families of those men, though. How crushing would it be, if that was your husband or father or son arrested for being a sicko pervert?

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    Doctor Williams arrived at the decoy house with two bottles of wine and Viagra. Mr. Way arrived with a teddy bear, two hydrocodone pills and a contract he expected a "mom" to sign allowing him to have sex with her 14 year old daughter.



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    Bumping so this coincides with Get Smart's January 14, 2013 thread.

    Articles said the offenders asked if they were getting involved with police, but despite their distrust turn up anyway to sexually assault children.

    That speaks volumes.

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    Sanford Fl is in Seminole county I guess .. Man I live in Fla and it seems the sunshine just likes to hatch all these losers eggs ..It is so sicking isnt it
    "This isn't who they are. It is only what happened to them."
    Jaycee Dugard

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    This is just a smidgen of the POS slime that preys on the young. But every litter bit helps to keep our kids from being victims.

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