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    Recall: Sunscreen could burst into flames on skin

    "A recall is underway for Banana Boat products that could give new meaning to the word sunburn.
    Energizer Holdings , the consumer goods conglomerate that produces Banana Boat products, announced Friday that certain of the brand's sunscreen sprays may potentially burst into flames on users' skin if they come in contact with a flame or spark before the spray is completely dry.

    Energizer said it has received reports of four "adverse events" in which the sprays have caused burns in the U.S., and one in Canada. The company said it believes the problem stems from the fact that the spray valves on the products in question dispense more than is typical in the industry, meaning that the spray takes longer to dry.
    "If a consumer comes into contact with a flame or spark prior to complete drying of the product on the skin, there is a potential for the product to ignite," Energizer said in a statement."

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    After I saw this thread I had to call and apologize to my 20 yr old DD, for not fully believing her when she told me her friend almost 'blew up' after using Banana Boat sunscreen lotion. When my DD moved to Santa Monica this summer I gave her a gift basket of beach supplies, including Banana Boat spray and lotions etc.

    She and her roomie were at a Memorial Day BBQ at the pool, and they had just sprayed on some Banana Boat lotion and then her roomie walked past the BBQ and a huge swaft of flames came at her instantly, singeing her but not burning her luckily, but only because she jumped backwards quickly.

    I did not fully believe them, and accused them of having done a shot of rum or something, to make it flame up like that. She was pleased that I called to say that I was wrong. lol
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