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    MS - Shelby Harmon, 20, run over & killed by BF, Cleveland, 20 Oct 2012

    WABG’s Tanya Carter reported via Facebook Sunday night that “Shelby Harmon was murdered Saturday morning after telling her boyfriend she was leaving him.”
    Family members say she called them while walking down the road to get away from their house. Shortly afterward, Fulgham allegedly pursued her in his truck, hitting her and knocking her body into traffic, where it was hit several more times.


    Authorities say a Bolivar County woman was killed after she was hit by her boyfriend's truck then run over by oncoming traffic.
    According to Williams, Fulgham struck Harmon with the right front fender, knocking her into traffic.
    Harmon had reportedly argued with Fulgham before she began walking along the highway.

    Her friends and family have set up a Facebook page called "Justice for Shelby." On the site Fulgham is accused of domestic violence against Harmon. They allege he previously abused her and are demanding justice in the case.
    Despite a group of protestors on the Bolivar County Courthouse lawn in Cleveland, as of this morning, no charges have been filed in connection with the accident and Fulgham has been released from custody.
    "It is the policy of the MHP that we don't file charges until an investigation has concluded and all test results have returned," said Mullins. "While no charges have be filed at this time, I do expect that charges will follow at a later date when all the evidence has been evaluated."


    But how did Harmon get on the road to begin with?

    Her mother says her daughter called a friend after a fight between Shelby and her boyfriend, Shelton Fulgham who lived together right across the street from the scene.

    "I don't think it started in the middle of the highway," Harmon said. "There's key evidence at that house."
    "When people come and shine a spotlight on what is going on here, somebody will have to do something," said Nance.
    This beautiful young woman was taken too soon. God bless her family and friends. Praying for justice for Shelby. The memorial service was tonight.
    Always tell the truth. That way you don't have to remember what you said.--Mark Twain

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    Did any of you get to watch this story on Jane Velez Mitchell? I missed it but the news of her being in her night clothes and barefooted was new for me.



    Praying for justice!
    Always tell the truth. That way you don't have to remember what you said.--Mark Twain

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    Authorities have made an arrest in the hit-and-run death of a Bolivar County girl her friends have said was a victim of domestic violence.
    On Monday night after the arrest was announced, page administrators posted several times, one of which included the message, “Thank You ALL for your prayers and help in pushing this forward. We will FOREVER be grateful! May God bless you all, including the family of Shelton Fulgham! Please don't hold them responsible. They are hurting and need prayers , too!”
    Always tell the truth. That way you don't have to remember what you said.--Mark Twain

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    December 2014:


    A Bolivar County man has pleaded guilty to DUI death charges related to an accident in 2012 that left his girlfriend dead.

    Prosecutors tell The Bolivar Commercial that Rodney Shelton Fulgham was sentenced this past week in circuit court to 25 years in prison.

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