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    MS - 3rd grader hanged herself?

    Investigators are trying to determine whether a 9-year-old Union girl found hanged by a jump rope in her bedroom closet earlier this month was killed, took her own life or was an accident victim.

    An autopsy performed on Tanesia Jackson, 362 North St., ruled the hanging caused the girl's death, but the autopsy failed to determine if the hanging was criminal, accidental, or suicidal, said Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesman Warren Strain.

    A relative found Tanesia, a third-grader at Union Elementary School, Jan. 6, Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesman Warren Strain said. Tanesia was pronounced dead two days later, Neshoba County Coroner Allen Collins said. The only visible injuries were to her neck, where rope marks were obvious, he said. The injury is estimated to have occurred between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Jan. 6, he said.
    Because of the unusual way she died, Collins said he was waiting on a police report "before I rule on a manner," Collins said. "This is an unusual one. You don't see this every day."

    The Union Police Department asked the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to assist in the case, Strain said. Union Police Chief Mike Bryant could not be reached for comment.

    "The Bureau of Investigation is interviewing people in this case and the Crime Lab is processing evidence," Strain said. "We have several leads and we are trying to verify or refute those leads."

    Lisa Jackson, Tanesia's mother, did not return phone calls.


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    This is so tragic. The other day our little "girlie girl" from next store came over with her mother to borrow a dress for a school play. As we were sitting around talking the little girl said she thinks about committing sucicide. This was not a subject we had been talking about so we were really thrown to hear it. This little girl is also 9 yrs old, she's a cheerleader, good student has friends etc.. Mom is very in tune with her kids, or so she thought. I asked the little girl where she had heard about suicide, she told me the teacher at school talks about it to the class. I don't know what the teacher said exactly but I do believe our little one was too young to hear it and must have misunderstood whatever it was the teacher was trying to convey. THE PROBLEM...many times parents are unaware of what happens to the child outside the home, as parents we are not the only influence. PLEASE be aware of what your child is doing, listen to them MAKE THEM TALK TO YOU... start early. The minute they learn to talk start asking, ask about what they do as they play, what they did with their friends, what they like, don't like etc. etc. Start early and it will become a life long habit. My sons are now men and have been ridiculed as being mommas boys because they tell me so much. I watch other parents struggle to have even the simpilest of conversations with their children and my heart hurts for them. As parents we will never know every aspect of our childrens lifes but we need to listen. My neighbor was very grateful she stopped by, she is now aware of what is going through her daughters head and able to discuss this with her and REALLY LISTEN. She's a good mom I'm staying close to both of them with all the love and support I can give. The story posted above turned out tragically, hopeful my neighbors won't !!

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    Collins said Tuesday that no new information has become available in the case and he was still waiting on a police report “before I rule on a manner” of death.

    “The Bureau of Investigation is interviewing people in this case and the Crime Lab is processing evidence,” Strain said. “We have several leads and we are trying to verify or refute those leads.”

    Union Police and state investigators are looking into the death.

    There's been nothing reported about any other young suicides in the community, but I have to wonder IF this turns out to be an intentional suicide, whether it might be a "copy cat". Suicides often seem, sadly, to inspire other suicides.

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