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    Houston girl kidnapped from library


    Authorities are investigating after a man kidnapped a 5-year-old girl, who was later found crying and wandering through a field on Tuesday night
    No description of the man who took her and cameras in the library were not working. He lured her to his vehicle and drove away. She was found wandering in a field.

    Another link, better article with video:

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    The fact that this little girl is alive and found 15min later is a miracle.

    Poor little girl!

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    Wow, how did he get her outside of the library before her mom or sister or a librarian saw anything? Had he been hanging around the library? I'm glad she was found quickly and alive. Poor girl, probably scared her a lot.

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    The KHOU article says the little girl told the man who found her that she was offered some candy by the guy who took her.

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    I'm totally suprised she was released so quickly. Either he got scared, or changed his mind, or something. It makes no sense to me really to kidnap her and release her within minutes.
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    I wonder if he works for the library and knew the cameras weren't working.

    Years ago a friend was shopping in a Good Will. Some guy came in, grabbed her 3 yo daughter and took off that fast. Small store, plenty of empoyees and shoppers, and no one noticed. When mom saw the girl was gone, she immediately asked the employees to help, who locked down the store, helped search, called police, and even went to neighboring stores in the strip mall to look for her. She was found fairly quickly behind the store, pants down and obviously raped, in a patch of blackberry bushes by the railroad tracks behind the store. This guy took the girl, raped her, and threw her in the bushes all within minutes. But because of the quick action of the store employees, he spooked and took off on foot. The cops staked out the parking lot waiting for someone to return for the lone truck left there after hours, and arrested him, thankfully.

    But a lot can happen in a few minutes.

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