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    Nottingham, England, UK

    UK - Sandra Williams, 48, Sneinton, Nottingham, October 2012


    She is known to stick to a strict routine and has missed a doctor's appointment as well as meetings with friends, leading her family and police to become increasingly concerned for her welfare.

    She is white, around 5ft 7ins tall, with short, straight brown hair. She is probably wearing a thigh-length navy blue coat.

    Ms Williams' daughter Leanne Williams, 24, said her mother has schizophrenia and needs medication, which she has not taken with her. She also has difficulty walking.

    She prefers to stay indoors and panics in crowds. Each morning she goes to the shop, visits a friend, texts or rings Leanne and then visits another friend. Every Saturday she meets friends at the Earl Howe pub, Carlton Road. Leanne has put up posters in Sneinton, Sherwood, Bakersfield, Mapperley and Colwick.

    "You could set your clock to what she does every single day," said Leanne. "She could be out there and not even know her own name and we're just so worried. She would never ever not text me to say 'I'm all right'. She wouldn't just wander out and let me sit her and worry."
    This is my area, I really hope she's found soon.

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    Her poor daughter sounds so worried! I hope she is found soon.

    It would be good to know the details of her schizophrenia. It's a mental illness that can take so many different forms, and can very widely from person to person.
    It's not a good sign that she doesn't have her medication though. I wonder if she left of her own free will, and left the medication behind intentionally? Or if (God forbid), she left knowing she would not return and has caused herself harm?

    I have a friend with schizophrenia, she goes through both good and bad phases. Sometimes she believes she has been put on medication to control her, and that she doesn't actually need it but the doctor's are part of a big conspiracy against her. During these times she has to be hospitalized as her doctor fears for her safety and believes she might harm herself. Of course, being hospitalized makes her believe in her delusions more, and she gets so scared and feels so alone, like she can't trust anyone (even her family and friends). And then other times she can function perfectly fine in society, to the point where you wouldn't even realize she is mentally ill.

    I'm in no way implying that Sandra may have the same problems. As I've said, schizophrenia can manifest itself in many, many different ways. I just wanted to share my story as an example of what schizophrenia can do to a person.

    It's such a scary and isolating illness, especially for those that suffer from it. I pray she can be brought home safely to her family, who obviously care about her very much.
    Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul - and sings the tunes without the words - and never stops at all.
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    This poor lady. Bless her heart. I really hope she is found soon, her family must be so very worried.
    Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
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    I thought she'd gone missing on the 28th, but no it was the 21st, Saturday morning.

    "“The revisit to the area last weekend has resulted in further sightings and various enquiries are being carried out in response to this.”

    I guess they're still carrying out their enquiries.


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    o/t but a fine idea from Fluttershy:

    UK and Eire Forum

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    POLICE suspect a body found in Colwick Park on Wednesday is that of a missing Sneinton woman.
    A member of the public found the body in the park at about 2.20pm on Wednesday and police set a cordon up around the area

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