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    CO - Attempted Abduction - Castle Rock Colorado

    The elementary school near my house yesterday sent out this email:

    Safety Concern Today
    2:15 PM (19 hours ago)

    Dear * Elementary Parents,

    Student safety is a top concern here at *Elementary, which is why we want to let you know about an incident that happened this morning before school.

    Some students were walking in the neighborhood near * Middle School when they saw a suspicious man. They say he was dressed in black, with a black ski mask. The man apparently stopped his car, got out, and walked towards them. However he did not speak to them or threaten them in any way.

    A report was filed with the Castle Rock Police Department and officers are planning on increasing patrols in the area as a precaution.

    This did occur near * Middle School which is very near us, so I really just wanted everyone to know so that we can continue to keep our eyes open as we commute to and from our own school each day.
    First off, my opinion of the email.....im not sure based on what the man did is not considered "threatening". I assume this is their way of trying to lessen the incident and not freak parents out....too much. I found the wording very odd. Of course there is a threat!!!!

    This bothered me greatly yesterday, as this person is still at large and it happened right by my house.

    Then around 4pm, I was standing at my bedroom window (2nd floor) looking out while on the phone. Now, behind my house is a small road then open space for miles upon miles (im on the edge of nothingness lol)....my neighborhood streets are kept pristine. You never see litter or crap laying around. So when I saw a small black hat of some sort looking out my bedroom window, I just got that gut feeling....but did nothing but take a picture. I kept stewing over what I was seeing. Eventually after speaking to a couple of people here, I went outside and walked around to look at the object.....................it was a.....

    black ski mask.

    [[I have a picture, but im not sure if I should post it]]

    I cant even describe the feeling I had when I saw it up close....knowing about the earlier incident.

    The weather here in CO has been very mild....so there is just no need for a ski mask. And like I said, you never see crap laying around...and well, the attempt of that morning involved a black ski mask....so I called it in. What are the odds really?

    LE came out, took my statement and collected the ski mask.

    I have no idea if it is connected. I have no idea if I will ever hear the results (although I will try w/ the contacts I have here).

    But Im a bit freaked out w/ this happening so close to home, then happening to see a piece of the description and well, it seems there is an epidimic in this state.

    On another note, looking up the sex offenders in my area, the majority of offenders are CHILD sex offenders. That really bothers me.

    In regards to this....the news has not reported on it. However, I know the news has been made aware of it.

    ETA...the officer whom came out told me he had no information to give me on the incident earlier but he really appreciated me calling it in. I almost felt stupid for calling in litter on the side of the road.

    Anyways...it pays to be VERY aware of your surroundings at all times. I am in regards to when im alone and my own neighborhood. I notice when something is out of place.......and that is why that ski mask laying in the road just stood out to me right away.
    dum spiro, spero

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    Don't feel stupid for calling it in. Most likely it is connected to the man that the children saw. Who knows, maybe they can get some DNA off of it and connect it to a RSO that needs to be off the streets (they all need to be off the streets).

    I say GOOD FOR YOU! Pat yourself on the back.

    ETA: It does seem like this is happening in CO more than anywhere else. Maybe it's just being reported in CO more since Jessica's abduction and death.

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