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    NC - Army General accused of sex crimes against five women

    U.S. Army prosecutors offered the first details of a rare criminal case against a general, alleging in a hearing Monday he committed sex crimes against five women including four military subordinates and civilian.
    A so-called Article 32 hearing on evidence in the case against Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair began Monday at Fort Bragg, the sprawling post that is home to the 82nd Airborne Division. Officials said it was expected to last at least two days.
    Sinclair faces possible courts martial on charges that include forcible sodomy, wrongful sexual conduct, violating orders, engaging in inappropriate relationships, misusing a government travel charge card, and possessing pornography and alcohol while deployed. He served as deputy commander in charge of logistics and support for the division's troops in Afghanistan from July 2010 until he was sent home in May because of the allegations.
    The Army had kept details secret until now in the rare criminal case against a high-ranking officer. That is different from other high-profile cases where Army prosecutors were quick to release charging documents. There have been only two other court-martial cases against Army generals in recent years.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/11/05...#ixzz2BNAdiHW5
    much more at link

    I first saw this story when he was arrested and brought home but just saw that he is finally having his first hearing and wanted to start a thread. Mister Nurse has heard of this guy... :-(


    absolutely disgusting what he has done.. the abuse of his power and position unspeakable and unforgivable.

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    As the hearing began, the defense made an issue over 16,000 emails that military investigators and prosecutors obtained from his military and personal accounts. The defense says the emails are confidential under attorney-client privilege and were marked as such in the subject line. The lawyers asked the hearing officer to dismiss the charges, or remove the prosecutors and investigators from the case.

    I hope this doesn't throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings.

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