This was a Texas-sized scandal in S.A. thirty years ago. It caused many a sleepless night amongst the high and mighty. And I certainly would like to have gone to the garage sale where Ms. Brown sold off part of her bordello!

Whereabouts of madam's list dies with her (San Antonio Express-News)
For years, stories about madam Theresa Brown and her cringe-inducing “trick list” of 3,000 customers dominated local and national headlines.

But the woman whose classy North Side brothel attracted politicians, athletes and lawyers until it was raided in 1981 had faded from the public spotlight, and her recent death went unnoticed, save for an obituary and a story in a local magazine.

Brown, who once ran against one alleged client for the City Council, died Sept. 18 of natural causes at a San Antonio hospital. She was 78, and according to the short obituary, had the last name Burquette.

She'll “always be remembered for her adventurous nature and love of travel,” it read.
Word of Brown's bordello spread quickly through the local nightlife scene, friend Sam Kindrick said.

“We met in the 1960s. I saw this good-looking woman and asked someone who she was, and was told, ‘That's Theresa Brown, the biggest whore in town,'” Kindrick said. “She told me that I couldn't afford her, and she was right.”
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