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    Thief scales Tower of London gates, steals drawbridge keys, in Guy Fawkes Night raid

    Off with their heads! Thief scales gates into Tower of London and steals
    keys to the drawbridges before fleeing in extraordinary security blunder
    (Daily Mail)
    A thief broke into the Tower of London and stole keys belonging to guards in an astonishing security blunder.

    The raider is said to have managed to scale the Front Gate to enter the fortress which holds the Crown Jewels.

    The bunch of keys which unlock drawbridges, were in a metal box which was meant to have been securely locked, the Sun reported.

    Guards spotted the thief, but could only radio for assistance, as strict rules meant they could not give chase as they were unable to leave their posts.
    It was claimed that the keys, which were stolen on Guy Fawkes night, could also unlock conference rooms and the restaurant.
    A spokesman for Historic Royal Palaces, which runs the Tower, told the MailOnline: 'It would not have been possible to gain access to the Tower with any of these keys and at no point was the security of the Tower at risk. All affected locks were immediately changed.'
    much more including pictures at DM link above (love their use of passive voice here, btw: "is said," "was claimed," etc. etc.)

    And so, daring, yes, embarrassing, I'd say, but not nearly so daring and embarrassing as that infamous commoner's entry into the Queen's bedchamber in Buckingham Palace thirty years ago:

    In the Queen's bedchamber: 30 years ago, 'shrooms in the soup led to colossal cock-up (WS thread)
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    What a great caper in honor of Guy (what can I say? I have a soft spot for my Catholic forebears!) Also reminds me of one of the episodes of the Sherlock series, Where Moriarty gains access to the Crown Jewels in an unbelievably complicated (and show-offy) manner!
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    Guy Fawkes, famous for his part in the Gunpowder Plot, was brought to the Tower in 1605 to be interrogated by a council of the King's Ministers.
    a partial list of Tower prisoners through the years (Wiki)

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