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    PA - GPS TRacker Ends Year Of Armed Roberies

    Sooner or later the two drugs store bandits were bound to get caught. However, it's a GPS tracker put into a pill bottle that got them busted.


    For a year two armed men robbed many Pharmacies concentrated in one area. Again and agian taking Oxycontin, oxycodone Klonopin, and well basically what an addict would consider the good drugs.

    William Webb aged 50 and Edward Schraeffer aged 29 finally were caught by a GPS tracker.

    Thank the Lord they finally caught these two brainyards because someone was going to wind up dead. Just thought I'd share because it was a high tech way to catch the gunman. Plus these are my friends neighbors. She was coming from the supermarket when police SWARMED the area they lived. She said it was nuts how many cops just suddenly appeared.

    Congrats Philadelphia police and thank you.

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    Oh swell.

    Police had Edward Schaeffer locked up back in September after he went to apply for a gun. An instant background check had the store owner call cops who found Schaeffer with a pocket full of pills and no script. A Judge let Schaeffer out on his own recog. That's grand considering his in the system with various spellings of his name and DOB on various charges dating back to underage drinking.


    Again it's a miracle nobody was killed by these two.

    Just left him out. Go home. Although he has no addy.

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