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    WI Serial Poser Carries Hefty Kink

    Gary Arthur Medrow has been at it circa 1968. Medrow was recently arrested after calling school athletes posing as a photo journalist. His mission? To get those athletes to carry eachother. That's his kink.

    Medrow who is out on bail has been in and out of mental health hospitals and jail for years. He once was succesful in having local politico's carry their secrateries for photographs.


    That's just scary. This guy shows up all over google going waaaay back.

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    Freaky. At least (?? ) its a pretty harmless kink?

    Rather than impersonating a reporter, he needs to just go to Craigslist and be straight up about it. "I have a kink where I like to watch people carry each other. Anyone interested?". I'm sure for say, $25, or hell, some folks would do it for free, he could get his rocks off/avoid the criminal charges/not be as much of a creep.

    Takes all kinds, I'm telling ya.
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