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    IL - Mt Prospect massage parlor owner gets life sentence


    Campbell branded the young, vulnerable women with tattoos and renamed them into his “family,” prosecutors said.

    Gettleman called evidence at the trial some of the most disturbing he has heard in his 18 years on the federal bench.

    Campbell lured the four women, who hailed from Ukraine and Belarus and had no legal status to reside in the U.S., with promises of jobs at massage parlors, a place to live and help with their immigration status, according to court records. Campbell, who was also known as "Daddy," referred to the women who worked for him as "The Family," authorities said.

    more at link...

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    Hmmmm if he were a parent doing that to his child, he'd be out in a few years

    Glad he got what he deserved.

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    Wow. My husband grew up in Mt. Prospect, and I close by. I wonder why they didn't mention the name of the Massage Parlor. The article seems to be vague as to whether he was living in MP at the time of his arrest, or if the parlor he owned was in MP.

    I remember something similar to this happening in MP a couple decades ago, but the women weren't forced to engage in prostitution. Merely that the massage parlor was a cover for the prostitution "ring".

    Prayers for those women he harmed. How absolutely frightening. Big praise for the woman who finally went to police. I'm very glad to hear that he got a life sentence.

    EDIT: I googled and found an article with a bit more information if anyone is interested. This is an article from ABC Ch. 7 - Chicago.
    NOTE: some of the descriptions of what he did to these women are included in the article. There is also a video report which I did NOT watch, so I'm not sure what it contains.
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