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    UK - Messrs. Yummy, Whippy do battle in Blackburn, Lancs scoop cone turf fracas

    The cold war of Blackburn: Ice cream trader known as Mr Yummy facing jail for attacking rival 'Mr Whippy' with tyre lever (Daily Mail)
    An ice cream vendor called Mr Yummy is facing jail after he was caught on camera attacking his rival Mr Whippy for encroaching on his 'turf' in a small residential area in Blackburn.
    Mr Yummy Zeheer Ramzan, 32, was so furious at Mr Whippy Mohammed Mulla, 41, trading in the same area, he jumped out of his vehicle armed with a tyre jack, smashed the window of his rivalís van and attacked him.
    Witnesses later claimed one of the ice cream men was offering four, two scoop cones with a flake for £2 and the other said he would do them for 10p cheaper.
    The bust up was the climax of a bitter feud between the two men which began in March after Mulla - an ice cream man for 12 years - discovered Ramzan had begun operating on his regular round in Blackburn.
    Mulla, who gave evidence from behind a screen, told magistrates in Blackburn: 'Mr Ramzan came towards the vehicle with a metal bar. I havenít said anything, I did not swear or say anything - it was Ramzan swearing.'
    much more, with pictures and a video, at link above

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    I read this to hubby this am with tears in my eyes, laughing so hard I couldn't read the article. I grew up in a neighborhood that had the "Good Humor" truck, the "Mr. Softee" truck, and all other 4 wheel ice cream delivery vehicles in between, I have never saw a fight between them. Too funny.
    Just know one thing, I am the majority.

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