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    Shoplifter dies being subdued by Walmart employees & security guard

    This happened at 1:30 AM Sunday morning in a burb north of Atlanta.... big, strong guy is stealing 2 DVD players from Walmart, the store manager, another employee & a contract security officer jump on him & hold him down until the cops arrive. Apparently, someone held him a little too tightly, like maybe a choke hold.

    So the thief is dead & Wallyworld quickly washes it's hands of the workers, because, of course, the litigation is about to begin. “Associates are trained to disengage from situations that would put themselves or others at risk.”

    In this chapter of the saga, the estranged ex-wife speaks out. Any bets her wrongful death suit will be 6 figures? Quote from article: "Public records show Calloway has a history of charges for substance abuse, theft, shoplifting and forgery in Fulton and Gwinnett counties." But never mind that, he is a saint now.

    Where does the paying customer fit into this scheme? If I am pushing a cart with orange juice & dogfood, should I be extra cautious to not get knocked over by some guy hurrying away without paying? And if "security" is only allowed to get a tag number, why wouldn't more people just gather their buggy-full & make a run for it?

    Three people, who were working for a living, are now unemployed & I betcha the badguy's family, estranged though they may be, are in for a big payday.... Ok gang. Jump in here. Does anyone support my view?


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    I'm not happy that the crook died as a result of his attempted crime, but my thoughts on this type of situation are that, if a person is not doing what he's supposed to be doing in the place he's doing it in, he's taking a risk and cares about personal gain at other's expense.

    If he wasn't there in the first place trying to steal stuff, this never would have happened. Now other people have been dragged into a mess they never anticipated happening and reacted in order to stop the thief. Grown men can't always stand by and watch someone do wrong when they can do something to stop them. It's a natural reaction of real men imo to want to help. In some situations we call people like this heroes. In hindsight, they should have let him go but he may have put up a strong fight rather than simply dropping the goods. This is why people are more and more afraid to intervene nowadays when they think they are witnessing a crime imo. Just turn around and walk the other way or you could end up the one who is in trouble by some twist of fate.

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    He made his choice, IMO, beraking the law...I don't see a need for the family to sue and win..I'm not on Wallyworlds 'side' but stealing is against the law..if you can't handle the punishment-(whatever that may be)-don't do the crime.

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    From the artical I read, he was put in a headlock and told if he couldn't breath to tap on the guys arm. He continued to resist, punched the store employees etc. I have no pity for him. It's a shame he died as a result of his own actions, but I won't lose any sleep over it. As his wife asked, was it worth a life over a DVD player? Maybe he should have asked himself that same question when he resisted arrest. JMHO and I agree with it.
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    I worked at two different Walmart stores years ago. We were NEVER EVER allowed to touch a customer or confront them even if we SAW them take something. We were to call loss prevention and have them take care of it.

    I in no way condone the man stealing what so ever but it was wrong for the employees to man handle him, that's what the police and loss prevention are for.

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