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    CA - Phillip Moreno, 31, killed by drunk driver, stuck in windshield, 24 Nov 2012


    TORRANCE, Calif. (AP) — The convertible hit Phillip Moreno so hard it knocked him out of his shoes and lodged him in the windshield.

    As he lay dying on the hood, police said, Sherri Lynn Wilkins kept going another two miles until other motorists swarmed her car at a traffic light and grabbed her keys.

    Wilkins, who was charged Tuesday with murder and driving drunk, told police she struck the man after leaving work and panicked. Police said her blood alcohol level was more than double the legal limit.

    Her arrest on a street corner between home and her job as a drug and alcohol counselor seemed to be a return to a dark past that Wilkins once celebrated leaving behind...................more at link..................

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    From the link in the OP:

    Tami Jimenez, a recovering alcoholic who worked with Wilkins, said the case serves as a bitter reminder for all addicts about the dangers of relapse.

    Cunning, baffling, powerful.

    Prayers said for Mr. Moreno's family.

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    update - found guilty (last month) of second-degree murder


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    From June 2014:


    A substance abuse counselor was sentenced Thursday to 55 years to life in prison for the death of a 31-year-old man she hit with her car and drove more than two miles with the him lodged in her windshield...

    The judge called Wilkins’ crime a “callous murder”, and said her job as a counselor made her aware of the risks of drinking and driving. He also took into consideration her prior burglary conviction from 1994 and convictions of smuggling drugs while in prison.

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