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    PA - Heroin Bust Reveals Deplorable Conditions, 3 Children Removed

    The fleas, roaches and excrement were probably the least of the trouble for the three little children of The Faust's. Their home was being used by area heroin addicts.

    Police were stunned and disgusted at the house which was deemed unfit for human residence. Six cars blocked the city street when police had arrived.

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    It just breaks your heart. Police said during the surveillance the kids were permitted to stay out on the porch for hours while people were going in and out getting high.

    Superintendent Michael Chitwood said the place was a complete pigsty. They were dealing to be able to maintain their own habits. I'm surprised he didn't completely go off calling them no good lousey dope fiends. Chitwood doesn't mince words and has no time for children being neglected and exposed to so many horrors.

    Some of this is weird to me though. It does say in the article how bad the heroin problem is in Delco. It really is. They named some way high number of the overdoses in just one year.

    However, these two honestly don't look way too bad considering.


    The other thing is there were opened bags found as well as sealed bags. They had to have "posed" that picture of the heroin bags and needles.

    Hoping the littles will get all the love they need.

    The one cop said the older girl was so sweet, and the middle child was in need of guidance. Ya think? Lord knows what those kids have seen.

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