Woodrow F. Tinsley III

Social worker who was present says in sworn statement

Lisa Freeman told police that Tinsley arrived at the family's apartment at 140 Columbus Circle Ext. about 8:30 a.m. and was informed by Freeman that the boy was scheduled to be evaluated for psychiatric and academic issues stemming from a truancy problem, but was refusing to go "because he was tired and the appointment would take too long," according to her statement.

When Tinsley got there, according to Freeman's statement, he told the boy that "he had 2 seconds to get dressed or he would go as he was." When the boy refused, "Officer Tinsley pulled [the boy] off of the couch by his arm and pulled him toward the door." When the boy held on to the door frame, Tinsley pushed him to the ground, "punched him in the face, stomach and kneed him in the neck area," according to Freeman's statement.

After the incident, according to the notice, the boy was allowed to put on some clothes and was taken outside to a patrol car, but he was not taken to the police station.

Karla Huaman's lawyer, James S. Brewer, said that the boy was later taken to a hospital, treated and released. He suffered "physical injuries to his face, neck and arms and internal injuries," Brewer wrote.