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    CA: Kerslake, Mervan Leslie Age 86 Found 1999

    Mervan Leslie Kerslake age 86. Place of birth Canada. Last known address 690 Bermuda Ave. Twentynine Palms, CA


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    Mervan L Kerslake, "United States Social Security Death Index"
    first name: Mervan
    middle name: L
    last name: Kerslake
    name suffix:
    birth date: 28 May 1913
    social security number: 478-12-9501
    place of issuance: Iowa
    last residence: Joshua Tree, San Bernardino, California
    zip code of last residence: 92252
    death date: 29 June 1999
    estimated age at death: 86

    Mervan L Kerslake in household of Henry E Kerslake, "United States Census, 1940"
    name: Mervan L Kerslake
    titles & terms:
    event: Census
    event year: 1940
    event place: Ward 5, Davenport, Davenport City Township, Scott, Iowa, United States
    gender: Male
    age: 26
    marital status: Single
    race (original):
    race (standardized): White
    relationship to head of household (original):
    relationship to head of household (standardized): Son
    birthplace: Canada
    estimated birth year: 1914
    residence in 1935: Same House
    enumeration district number: 82-57A
    family number: 349
    sheet number and letter: 13B
    line number: 62
    nara publication number: T627
    nara roll number: 1203
    digital folder number: 005461604
    image number: 00587
    Household Gender Age Birthplace
    head Henry E Kerslake M 56 Canada
    wife Eva Kerslake F 47 Canada
    son Mervan L Kerslake M 26 Canada

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    It looks like Mr. Kerslake had roots in Southern California for quite some time.

    As of January 23, 1952, he is listed in Pomona, CA as a Fireman Bookkeeper receiving a salary of $299.00: Link here.

    In 1962, he is listed in the Class of 1962 Pomona Catholic High School Fidelian Yearbook, possibly as a sponsor: Link here.

    In 1998, a verdict and judgment was awarded against him in a motor vehicle case in the Superior Court of San Bernardino County, Joshua Tree, CA: Link here.
    Award: $750,000.00 | Verdict-Plaintiff
    Case Types: Motor Vehicle - Bicycle
    Case: Amy Collins vs. Mervan Kerslake
    Venue: Superior Court of San Bernardino County, Joshua Tree
    State: CA
    Date: April 22, 1998
    Experts: Robin T. Harrison (Claremont CA) Accident Investigation & Reconstruction/ Failure Analysis/Product Liability
    Summary: 3/6/96: Decedent, a 22-year-old Navy corpsman stationed at the marine base in Twenty-nine Palms, rode his bicycle from his home in Twenty-nine Palms to work at the marine base. He rode his bicycle on ...
    I haven't found any mention of spouses or siblings and will start searching for aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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    Mr. Kerslake's mother, Eva Stein Kerslake, passed away in San Bernardino in 1985.

    Eva Kerslake, "United States Social Security Death Index"

    first name: Eva
    middle name:
    last name: Kerslake
    name suffix:
    birth date: 25 December 1891
    social security number: 484-07-6058
    place of issuance: Iowa
    last residence: San Bernardino, California
    zip code of last residence: 92277
    death date: June 1985
    estimated age at death: 94

    Eva Stein Kerslake, "California, Death Index, 1940-1997"
    name: Eva Stein Kerslake
    event: Death
    event date: 11 Jun 1985
    event place: San Bernardino, California, United States
    birth date: 25 Dec 1891
    birthplace: Canada
    gender: Female
    father: Stein
    mother: Phillips

    Mr. Kerslake's father, Henry Edward Kerslake, passed away in Illinois in 1945, but I did manage to find the full names for who would be Mr. Kerslake's paternal grandparents.

    Henry Edward Karslake, "Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947"
    name: Henry Edward Karslake
    titles and terms (original):
    death date: 11 Mar 1945
    death place: Rkock Island, Rock Island, Illinois
    gender: Male
    marital status:
    race or color:
    age: 61
    estimated birth year: 1884
    birth date: 25 Jun 1883
    birthplace: Exeter, Ontario, Canada
    father: Wm. Kerslake
    father's titles and terms (original):
    father's birth place: Ontario, Canada
    mother: Margaret Stanlake
    mother's titles and terms (original):
    mother's birth place: Ontario, Canada
    occupation: Meat Cutter
    residence: Davenport, Scott, Iowa
    street address:
    spouse: Eva
    spouse's titles and terms (original):
    spouse's birthplace:
    burial date: 16 Mar 1945
    burial place: Davenport, Scott, Iowa
    cemetery: Memorial Park
    additional relatives:
    digital folder number: 4205526
    image number: 2673
    film number: 1984184
    volume/page/certificate number: 15288

    Henry Edward Kerslake, "Ontario, Births and Baptisms, 1779-1899"
    name: Henry Edward Kerslake
    gender: Male
    baptism/christening date:
    baptism/christening place:
    birth date: 19 Jun 1883
    birthplace: Usborne Township, Huron, Ontario, Canada
    death date:
    name note:
    father's name: William H. Kerslake
    father's birthplace:
    father's age:
    mother's name: Margaret M. Stanlake
    mother's birthplace:
    mother's age:
    indexing project (batch) number: C04368-8
    system origin: Ontario-ODM
    source film number: 1845585
    reference number:

    I am going to research the paternal grandparents and any other children they may have had. Those children would be Mr. Kerslake's paternal aunts and uncles. According to this link, there were ten Kerslake children, or nine paternal aunts and uncles to research!

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    It looks like the unclaimed had a paternal uncle named Lloyd Kerslake who immigrated from Canada to the U.S.

    Lloyd married Doris and both have since passed away. In her obituary, a surviving son, GK, is listed: Link here. If the family relationship is correct, GK would be Mervan Kerslake's first cousin on the paternal side.

    I found contact information for GK. PM'ing information to Raine and Nemo'smom.

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