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    FL - Girl, 14, Dies After Disabled Mom Loses Custody

    The last time Doris Freyre saw her 14-year-old daughter Marie alive was around 1 p.m. on April 26. She watched helplessly as the disabled girl was strapped to a stretcher and sent by ambulance to a nursing home in Miami -- five hours away from their home in Tampa.

    Florida child welfare authorities had deemed Freyre, a 59-year-old single mother with six herniated discs and carpal tunnel syndrome in both her wrists, unable to take care of Marie, who had cerebral palsy and suffered from life-threatening seizures.

    Marie, who was in state custody despite pleas from her mother that she could better care for her daughter at home, died alone just 12 hours later on April 27 -- dehydrated and not properly medicated -- of cardiac arrest, according to a Miami Herald investigation.

    Neither a nurse nor a social worker accompanied the screaming girl en route to the institution. And her mother was not allowed to ride with the girl, who could not talk and had a rigid medication routine.

    "I started crying because I knew it would be too much for my daughter on that trip," Freyre, heaving with sobs, told ABCNews.com. "There was no doctor there to receive her, only nurses. They didn't send a report on how to give her food or meds. They didn't give her food or water until late hours of the night. My family has been destroyed."
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    That is a horrifying story. First of all, that all the institutions involved were so uncaring and incompetent -- beyond those adjectives, really. I mean, they caused a young girl to die screaming and alone because the bureaucracy just ground up all common sense and compassion -- I hope the mom's attorneys bring a hammer down on the heads of everyone who caused this situation. Also completely jaw-dropping from the article:
    "We also find it interesting that two-thirds of the states' child welfare laws list disability in and of itself as ground for termination of parents' rights," said Powell. "They don't have to come in and say a parent even did anything bad."

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    What a tragedy for the poor girl and her mother...this should not have happened. I don't understand why the mother did not have any advocates on her side to stop this from happening.

    She should definitely get an attorney and file a grievance/suit against the state, and this case should be reported to the U.S. Justice Dept. They are already doing an investigation on how Florida is warehousing disabled children needlessly:

    (CBS/AP) FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Federal investigators say Florida officials are violating federal law by unnecessarily warehousing hundreds of children with disabilities in geriatric nursing homes.

    And believe me, as a Floridian and former DCF worker/admin, it is all about the contracts and MONEY.....this has got to be stopped.

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    What a horrible story. How many abused children did DCF reunited or didn't remove from their parents? And yet they removed this severely disabled child from her mother, who was not abusing her.
    Just my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjenny View Post
    What a horrible story. How many abused children did DCF reunited or didn't remove from their parents? And yet they removed this severely disabled child from her mother, who was not abusing her.
    Crazy huh?

    It certainly would have been smarter, cheaper and kept the family together to provide the family a Home health aide

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