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    Crazy kitten

    Whenever I feel a bit grumpy I watch this video of a kitten and his... broccoli?!?


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    OK, having raised tons of kittens, I'd say this is the most strange food that I've seen them eat. And this little guy is adamant....that is HIS broccoli. Shoot, his vocalizations had even Grace (who's deaf to cats, lol) cocking her head trying to figure it out.

    Thanks so much for posting! Made me smile this morning, and that's good!

    Herding Cats
    (none of whom eat broccoli)
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    LoL!!!!!!!!! Too, too adorable!

    It may be that the little kit is teething, and chewing on the tough broccoli feels good. Or, it has an odd taste in food. I know I have a cat that will kill you for a bite of Maui onion rolls. It is the strangest thing. lol

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    LOL, such a fierce growl for a tiny kitten....too funny!

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    That was soooo cute. Wonder if the broccoli smells/tastes like catnip to the cat. Or could taste like good grass and cats like grass. That is one serious kitty.

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