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    CA: Malone, Johnnie Blue Age 78 Found 1999

    Johnnie Blue Malone age 78 Place of birth Tennessee. Last known address 1680 N. Waterman Ave. San Bernardino, CA


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    Someone on ancestry has him attached to a family tree and includes a picture along with birth and death dates:


    Married to Noralee Marion Gates (1927 – 2004)

    The tree shows them as having had 7 children. Two of these deceased:

    Laura Eileen Malone
    1946 – 1998

    Michael "Mike" Dennis Malone
    1949 – 2001

    The others are marked as "private".

    VERY LARGE family tree with many living relatives.

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    bump up

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    There is a Johnny Malone Jr. born in Chattanooga, TN and now living in LA. Son?

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    It is an active Facebook page, he just posted yesterday. He was born in Chattanooga. I cannot find an age, but he went to the University of Chattanooga in the 70s. That fact and his pictures look like he would have been born in the late 40s or early 50s which matches with the 2 siblings mentioned above. Also, he moved to the LA area and still resides there as an adult, perhaps following his parents after college. Thoughts?

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    Sending this info out to ME

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