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    NM Day Care Calls Police Couple Arrested

    Ashley Sandoval was too busy to talk at work when her daughter's day care called to inquire about the child's bruised face and jawline.

    No word on how busy Sandoval's boyfriend was, but he was arrested along with Sandoval.

    "Mom" claims that perhaps one of them BUMPED HEADS with the child. She didn't explain why this is the second time the little one showed up at day care bruised up.


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    I hope that this case is followed through so the little girl stays alive and is no longer being beaten. Jail time should be mandatory. I worry that giving them another chance with this child could prove fatal for the little one who is unable to defend herself.


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    They call to ask you what happened to your kids face, and you're too busy to talk?

    If anyone ever had to call and ask what happened to bruise my child's face, I am not going to be worried about my job, I am going to be worried about finding the answer to that exact same question. Not that it seems to apply in this case, since her excuse is totally bogus.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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