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    FL - Former Fla. police officer scheduled for execution


    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Manuel Pardo was a decorated Florida highway patrolman and police officer who went horribly bad, slaying nine people during a three-month crime spree after he had been fired for lying.

    Now, almost 27 years later, Pardo, 56, is scheduled to be executed Tuesday night at Florida State Prison in Starke barring a last-minute stay, fulfilling a request he made to jurors at his 1988 trial.

    "I am a soldier, I accomplished my mission and I humbly ask you to give me the glory of ending my life and not send me to spend the rest of my days in state prison," the then-31-year-old Pardo told the panel.

    Pardo's attorneys are trying to block his execution, arguing in federal appeals that he is mentally ill, something his trial attorney believed more than two decades ago.................

    Guralnick thought Pardo was insane and tried to use that as a defense, arguing he couldn't tell right from wrong.

    Over Guralnick's objections, Pardo insisted on testifying at his trial, telling jurors that he enjoyed killing people and wished he could have murdered more.

    "They're parasites and they're leeches, and they have no right to be alive," he said in court. "Somebody had to kill these people."

    The jury convicted him.

    Guralnick said his client was not only a rigid, military-loving man, but also a product of the lawless, cocaine cowboys-fueled zeitgeist of 1980s Miami.

    More at link.......

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    Oh well. Sorry, no great love for FHP here. Perhaps at that time they were consciously hiring the mentally ill, since I was a victim of a crime perpetrated by another of their own around that time.
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    too bad for him, its sickens me to hear of his crimes with the words police officer attached....

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    Executed 12/11/2012, pronounced dead at 7:47 p.m.
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