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    GA - Woman wears "Fool" sign as punishment for battery on School Bus

    Interesting situation. The link has a video interview of the woman and boy does she make her case. She basically said she would do it all over again BUT she would have done it at home instead of on the school bus.

    Woman makes good on judge’s order to wear ‘fool’ sign in punishment for school bus incident

    In April, Freeman’s temper got the best of her. The mother of six marched onto a school bus and hit her 11-year-old cousin and pulled her hair. Freeman said the girl had twice told her to “kiss my (butt), you bald-headed (expletive).” Last week, Freeman, 38, pleaded guilty to battery.

    A judge gave her a choice. She could spend four weekends in jail or, for an hour and a half each morning for a week, she could stand at the school bus stop in south Macon where the incident happened -- with a message-bearing sign for all to see. She picked the latter.

    Read more here: http://www.macon.com/2012/12/10/2279...#storylink=cpy

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    Instead of punishment for assault on a child (hitting an 11 yr old girl and pulling her hair) she is ordered to wear a sign?

    I don't think this latest rash of wearing signs is really punishment. I see it as a cop out by the judge or an attempt to be humerous by the judge. Meh, doesn't impress me or make me laugh. This lady points out one of the reasons it doesn't work. She would still do the crime but do it in private next time.

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    Seems to me a sentence including a parenting/child development class and an anger management class were in order also...she hasn't learned anything....IMO

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