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    Quote Originally Posted by Kellyd View Post
    Thanks marble, I was just going to ask the same thing. ;-)

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    Yes, thats him. Today is the first time I saw him on the news.

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    Not really sure where to post this. But IMo it says a lot about the state of affairs on LI, as a whole.


    Long Island Gets a ‘C’ in First-Ever Local Government Open Records Report Card
    Find Heather
    Find Eric Lee Franks

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    What ever became of this nut? Procured victim off of craigslist and then hammered her in the head to death b/c of a "payment dispute".
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    one theory I have is that maybe these girls were problems for someone. For example re: Shannon G. at one point, as we all know, AD broke SG's jaw, and in Lost Girls the author Kolker says she would try to not pay drivers sometimes. So MP maybe had a beef with her too. In Lost Girls many of the victims seemed like they were hustlers who would rob, cheat etc. anyone they could. I am not blaming them, but saying maybe they ticked off the same person or people.
    I've also wondered, if someone in the sex industry in LI wanted someone dead, could it be they were sold off to a group of men that did that after they'd had their fun?
    my gut says that somehow it was all of them, all the JB's, CPH, AD and MP etc.
    I think that the people in Suffolk County who live that lifestyle of drugs and escorts and sex parties most likely know each other well and also know what to say to outside LE, and how to work the system, particularly since I believe old chief jb was involved..
    well, thats as crackpot as you get...hope the truth is revealed one day.

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    sometimes I've thought LISK just happened to be there that night, visiting his trophies, when the shannon thing happened..what a stroke of luck that would have been for him that he just happened upon her..seems very very unlikely but possible.

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    I think he was there that night for sure but not visiting his trophies. Instead, he was trying to add another to his trophy garden but Shannan would not go easy. Shannan had/has the heart of a warrior.

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