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    A lot of us believe that Fire Island Jane Doe may not have been the first LISK victim. I'm curious if anyone has looked into these '95 remains more. I cannot find either in NamUs.

    Body parts discovered at shoreline: [ONE STAR Edition]
    Times Union; Albany, N.Y. [Albany, N.Y]18 Nov 1995: B.2.
    The parts, including a man's head and a woman's leg, were discovered by passersby strolling along the shoreline at Gateway National Recreation Area. Police sources said they could have been dumped from the side of a boat or from shore.The first discovery was made Thursday afternoon, when a man walking his dog on the beach stumbled across the lower part of a human left leg. The part belonged to a "relatively young" light-skinned black or Latino woman, said Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the New York City medical examiner.

    There's a man's head found near AC earlier the same year:

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    I'm making my first post on the forum, but the search I did didn't turn up any results as to whether this had been discussed here before -- is there any potential significance to the GB4 each having (as far as I've read) a sister who was close in age at the time of the decedent's death? I'm sure that it's been discussed here and either dismissed or considered, but it jumped out at me rewatching TKS. Could a friendly-seeming outcall have played the "I never do this, I just want to chat, smalltalk" act and picked victims intentionally because of having sisters to torment as secondary victims? Again, apologies if this has been discussed to death.

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    Welcome. It's never been mentioned, as far as I can remember. Very interesting point.

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    I don't know where to put this or if it has ever been asked, but has John Valentine (toddler found in Rockaway) ever been compared for familial DNA against any of the victims at Gilgo? The Namus says DNA tested but tests not complete.

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