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    MO - Pettis County, Decomposed Male in Missouri River, Apr'76

    I was searching around through archives for something and ran across this story. I don't know if its been resolved or not

    Basically a man named Harold Goldberg comes up missing in 1974 and a body is located a few years later that had similar traits so they thought it was this man but six months after his funeral he sent a letter to his wife claiming he was suffering memory loss. At the end of the article it states that due to the deteriorated condition of the body that they would not have it exhumed for identification.

    Articles have headings such as man surprises wife/ husband back from the dead


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    So I wonder if the UID was measured and examined? I would think so to help "identify" him. So I am assuming the UID was the same height and relatively the same build as Goldberg? If only we knew what that was...

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