Along some West Palm Beach streets, David B. Rose, 42, was affectionately known as the neighborhood "candy man" because he sold treats to local children from immigrant families.

But his friendly reputation changed after his February 2011 arrest on a charge of molesting a girl, 10, as she slept in her bed in late June 2010.

Rose, convicted by a jury on Aug. 31, was sentenced Tuesday to serve 45 years in a state prison. He had faced a minimum sentence of 25 years for the lewd or lascivious molestation offense................

(He thought he could talk his way out of prison, lol):

"I was mentally sick," he said, adding he is not harmful and insisting he had been invited to the victim's house. "I have been cured. I don't believe I need any more time locked up.".............

Rose then warned the judge, "You're responsible if I get murdered" in prison.

Colbath responded he would have "no problem putting my head on my pillow at night."