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    Three arrests in massive Canadian maple syrup theft case in Quebec

    3 arrests in massive Canada maple syrup theft (AP)
    MONTREAL (AP) — Police in Canada say three people have been arrested in connection with a massive maple syrup heist from a Quebec warehouse, which put a dent in the global supply.

    Quebec produces up to 80 percent of the world's maple syrup.

    Authorities never disclosed the exact amount of maple syrup stolen in August. But the warehouse contained Quebec's maple syrup reserves, which were supposed to hold 10 million pounds (4.54 million kilograms) valued at $30 million.
    more at the link; am now adding pancakes and waffles to my shopping list

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfgodot View Post
    3 arrests in massive Canada maple syrup theft (AP)

    more at the link; am now adding pancakes and waffles to my shopping list

    I have pancakes and waffles! I love authentic maple syrup. My granddaughter (one of them) calls it Maple Syruple!

    That sure was a lot of syrup.
    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    3 arrested in massive maple syrup heist

    Fire up the griddle! Much of a huge cache of maple syrup snatched from a Quebec storage facility has been recovered, police say.

    Three people have been arrested and five others are being sought in connection with the theft from a warehouse in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, Quebec Provincial Police said in a statement Tuesday. The theft occurred between August 2011 and July 2012, police said.

    Two-thirds of the syrup was recovered, according to a police statement. The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, which bills itself as keeper of the global strategic maple syrup reserve, said in August that up to 10 million pounds of the sweet stuff was in the warehouse from which the theft occurred but could not say exactly how much was missing. The total value of all the syrup in the warehouse was put at $30 million.


    GLOBAL STRATEGIC MAPLE SYRUP RESERVE? Two-thirds were recovered. I wonder what happened to the other third? I never did trust that Mrs.Butterworth. I bet she's the maple ring leader.

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    Oh, Canada!
    “Peace is not the product of terror or fear. Peace is not the silence of cemeteries. Peace is not the silent result of violent repression. Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of all." -Abp Oscar Romero

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    Is it April Fool's Day already! That winter went by fast!

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    Well, this is one sticky case, and the ring leader, Flap Jack, is still on the loose with four of his breakfast cohorts. Be on the lookout, Websleuthers, for Flap Jack, Mrs. Butterworth, Butter Patty, Orange Julius and Cuppa Joe, as I believe they’re our five escapees! Check all grocery outlets, even Weekly Sales, they can’t have gotten far! Not with all that maple syrup.

    Then again, if the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers cannot say exactly how much is missing… could this also possibly be a frame up of the above breakfast items? I’d also watch for the sudden rise in the price of maple syrup. Hm…

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