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    UT - 6th grader placed gun to classmate’s head


    Utah sixth grader placed .22-caliber handgun to classmate’s head after 'encouraged by his PARENTS to carry a gun after Sandy Hook’

    • Students said the boy told them his parents gave him the weapon to protect himself after last week's shooting
    • Police said the weapon was unloaded but ammunition found in

    Police say an 11-year-old boy pulled a .22-caliber handgun on an elementary school classmate on Monday after his parents allegedly encouraged him to carry it for protection after last week's shooting in Connecticut.

    Sixth grader Isabel Rios said that it was during morning recess at West Kearns Elementary outside of Salt Lake City that the boy placed the unloaded gun to her and her friend's head. Its ammunition was found in his backpack.

    ‘I told him I was going to tell, but he said, "If you tell, I'm going to kill you,"’ Isabel told KSL.
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    Well, it says charges will be made against the boy but I hope they come down hard on the parents too since they provided the gun....scary, and you wonder how many other parents have done this in an over-reaction...

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