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View Poll Results: In your opinion, is there a facial similarty between the GB4 victims and the AC4 vict

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  • Yes, no doubt, they are strikingly similar

    32 23.36%
  • Yes there are strikingly similarities, but also some differences

    39 28.47%
  • There are some similarities but more differences

    24 17.52%
  • There are absolutely no similarities

    10 7.30%
  • I donīt know

    4 2.92%
  • yes, there are similarities amongst the paired-up images, not all together

    19 13.87%
  • Yes, among the paired images the similarities are striking.

    9 6.57%

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura.shinra View Post
    I can definately see the similarities but to me, Tracy Ann Roberts and Megan Waterman look alike, whereas Molly Jean Dilts is a better match for Maureen Brainer-Barnes. That's just my perception though. It would be really interesting if someone could run these photographs through facial mapping software and map out the similarities and the differences between all these victims, could provide some interesting results. I wish I could offer to do it but my Photoshop-fu is too weak I'm afraid.
    I agree with you in my opinion, they're are the only two connected that where on killing season. The others don't seem to match up the way these two cases do.

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    I have tried to find it too, for years, no luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theforeigner View Post
    In your opinion, is there a facial similarty between the GB4 victims and the AC4 victims?

    Meaning are they lookalikes; IN PAIRS verticaly ?
    (red arrows addes between the victims that I belive are look-alikes)

    I have compared the GB4 and the AC4 victims facial looks, due to that I belive the Long Island Serial Killer might be responsible for both clusters of victims.

    Here is the images, and I have added red arrows between the victims, in pairs, that IMO, are lookalikes.

    Here is another GB4/AC4 facial lookalike comparing, with different pictures of most of the girls.
    I have used som pictures, of some of the victims, when they were younger and the picture of GB4 victim Maureen BB I used a picture of her as a child.
    I did this beacuse I wanted pictures with the same kind of facial expression, like a smile with open mouth, and I could not find any of MBB and MB as adults/ or at the age of death, so therefor pictures when younger, or as a child.

    I did this second comparing to show that it is not just a coincident in the first comparing I posted.

    I also post a comparing of Amber Costello and Kim Raffo's mugshots.
    Both victims were last killed victim, in their respective cluster GB4 and AC4.

    There is also a similarity in lips and eyes.

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    Yes, i think atlantic city and lisk are related.

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