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Thread: Missing! WS Management Announcements and Information

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    NEW Timeline and Media Links Sub Forum for the Missing

    [ame=""]Missing! Timeline Forum and Media links - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

    Create timelines and media threads for easy reference for the missing case that you are following.

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    We are going to have a forum software upgrade very soon. The forum will look very different. Follow the "forum" tab on the new site and you'll be able to find your way again. If there are delays in access to the forum, I will write about them on my Twitter.

    We will be making forum decor changes after the upgrade, but it's going to look pretty strange before we have the time to make those changes happen. Excuse our dust ~ but most of all, enjoy the new digs!!!


    In memory of Ron Pruitt

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    We're set to go on Friday morning 6AM Alien Time. (USA PST) Our man behind the curtain estimates we'll be offline until about 8AM Alien Time.

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    WEBSLEUTHS will be offline tomorrow morning, July 4th, from 6AM to about 8AM PST for a software upgrade. You can get updates about the upgrade during that time on Twitter via #websleuths.

    The search feature will not be fully operational for a couple of days after the upgrade, due to the amount of information on our site. It takes awhile to get that data back online.

    For more information and to get answers to your questions, follow this link to our private forum: For Members Only

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