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    EG - King Ramesses III's throat slit; conspirators sought among royal harem

    King Ramesses III's throat was slit, analysis reveals (BBC News)
    Conspirators murdered Egyptian King Ramesses III by slitting his throat, experts now believe, based on a new forensic analysis. The first CT scans to examine the king's mummy reveal a cut to the neck deep enough to be fatal.

    The secret has been hidden for centuries by the bandages covering the mummy's throat that could not be removed for preservation's sake.

    The work may end at least one of the controversies surrounding his death. Precisely how he died has been hotly debated by historians.

    Ancient documents including the Judicial Papyrus of Turin say that in 1155BC members of his harem attempted to kill him as part of a palace coup.
    more at the link

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    12th century B.C.E.? Maybe we need to talk about the meaning of "Up to the Minute", godot...

    (Just kidding. Thanks, as always, for the info.)

    In later years, it was a rare Roman emperor who died of natural causes. I wonder if the same can be said of the pharaohs?

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