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    Here's how you win at strip poker

    Man wears nine pairs of jeans on plane to avoid baggage fees


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    Made me look!

    Never played poker, much less strip poker.

    I'll leave any further comment until everyone else reads.

    Unless I have included a link, it is my opinion and only my opinion that I am expressing.

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    Made me look too, lol.

    How on earth could someone put on 9 pairs of jeans? How did he have so much clothing on he didn't overheat?

    I wish there was a picture. I'd really like to see what he looked like wearing 60 plus items of clothing!

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    I don't know that he wore them all, he may have stuffed them or folded them into what he was wearing.

    I remember tailgating at a concert and some big guy came up to our cars selling t-shirts - 2 seconds later about 10 other guys with badges jumped out of nowhere and arrested him (counterfeit), and of course we watched the whole thing go down. They found about 50 t-shirts stuffed everywhere on the guy - and when they were done, there was a huge pile of shirts and the guy looked like he lost 100 lbs.
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