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    "1 Fish" - One Pound Fish Man Muhammad Shahid Nazir's 7,000,000+ YouTube views

    Went viral, did this one, also peaking at #29 on the UK Christmas singles charts. Muhammad Shahid Nazir's also done a professionally shot video, which sorta sucks, and is autotuned (!) for reasons unknown - his voice is wondrous in its natural state. And he's since been deported to Pakistan as his working papers aren't in order. He'll be back though; right now he's riding the sweet fifteen minutes of fame we all might get - well, if we all could make up clever songs. This punks Gangnam Style as it's real, and not just some pop conconction. It's a part of the rich tradition of street cries and vendors' songs in London. (Wiki: One Pound Fish)
    THE ORIGINAL... One 1 Pound Fish, Queens Market, Upton Park, London E13 - YouTube
    Street cries (Wiki, with links to a few of the most famous)
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