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    Man I am devils advocate on this thread but
    did I honestly read that since she had sex with him before
    it was impossible that he raped her? I guess husbands can't
    rape wives now either.

    In this case rape is unlikely but seriously you can rape someone
    who was formerly willing or even someone who is a " 3 holed wonder"

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    I suppose InSession will spend the morning prior to live trial showing the LE witnesses and some of the crime scene photos. If you have the opportunity to watch, note the size of the tassel(s)? found in the bathroom. The ruler was in millimeters and it is roughly 25 mm to an inch. Based on the scale, it (they?) were just over ONE INCH in length. On re-direct, Martinez had the witness identify pillows in the bedroom which had similar tassels. I wonder how the tassel got in the bathroom, but we will probably never know.

    There was also a length of a heavy, thread-like material on one of the stairs. One thing is for sure: if that came from a pillow, it was in no way the "rope" the defense claims Travis used to bind Jodi. It's way too short. In fact, I have to wonder if one of the tasseled throw-pillows is involved. Perhaps Travis grabbed it when he ran to the bedroom after being stabbed and tried to use it to shield himself from further stab wounds. I wonder if there is a pillow missing from the set.

    As for the deadly knife, the defense briefly mentioned in the opening that Travis used a knife to cut the "rope" to bind Jodi. Hello? It would take a pair of scissors to remove a tassel from a pillow, not a butcher knife strong enough to pierce the heart and slit a throat.

    I still believe it was fully pre-meditated murder. Here's my list of clues:

    1. The stolen gun
    2. Dying her hair
    3. Out-of-town car rental
    4. Messing with the license plates
    5. Knowledge of when his roommates would be out of town (hacked computer?)
    The greatest trespasser on justice still wishes it done to him.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LambChop View Post
    I have not read all the posts from the beginning. Just started reading last week but I would really like to know if there is any proof that Travis was in any way controlling of her or is this just coming from JA. It seems as if we are becoming a society that feels the need to blame the victims for the crimes against them.

    So if it's just speculation I wish others could make it clear when they post. Eventually I will catch up but anything coming from JA's side I would never believe. As far as lying, I believe she has outdone KC. jmo
    Lamb Chop,

    I followed the case from the beginning on another site, which really covered it in depth, but have not read a lot about it recently.

    However, there was no mention of Travis being controlling. When Jodi was first arrested she denied she was there, then blamed the murder on two unknown assailants, who magically she got away from when the gun they pointed at her jammed. She has changed her story to fit the evidence as it was disclosed.

    All I have ever read that was Travis was a decent person. I don't doubt that he had some faults, like everyone, but I never heard anything about him being controlling. The talk was about her continued pestering of him, despite him trying to call the relationship off.

    I am usually an innocent till proved guilty type of person, however in this case, it quickly became apparent that Jodi killed Travis, via the evidence found. I don't believe it was self defence on her part at all. She has lied and lied and lied and I believe (like FCA) she will never accept responsibility for what she did and will just keep on with the lies. If it was self defence (which the evidence does not suggest) why did she not call the police? Instead she toddled off to another guy she had lined up and had sexual relations with him and lied about seeing Travis. You could be quite right about her lying more than FCA, at the very least she is on a par with her for lies.

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    Hey Guys, Thanks for all your updates of the trial. I'm at work so can't see it. I really really hope she takes the stand. That will be the final nail in her coffin. Also, how come the media are galmourising this woman? Is it just me, but she isn't even pretty. She looks like she has been hit in the face with something hard.

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    sipping coffee at the Purple Rose Theatre

    goodmorning everybody! I brought the coffee and donuts ^^

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    I also created a new thread as this one is getting long... this one will close in a bit

    Jodi Arias Trial discussion, #2 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community
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