Rowan Grey Makana Fehring Dingwall

Lost/Injured Missing from Kauai County, Hawaii since March 14, 2006

Age: 23 months -- Hair Color: Light Brown -- Eye Color: Blue

Rowan lived with his parents in Kauai County, Hawaii and was last seen there on March 14, 2006. The family had several guests staying on their property for an upcoming wedding. They were also going to celebrate Rowan's 2nd birthday, which was in a few days.

That morning, after 40 days of rain, the Kaloko Dam was breached and spilled about 400 million gallons of water on the Kauai North Shore and community below it. The family and guests were all swept away. Rowan's parents bodies along with the bride-to-be were found. The other victims have never been located. They are presumed to have drowned.

Kauai County

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