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    TX - LE Catches Abductor In The Act - 9 Yr Old Girl

    This is all over the news where I live. Apparently a man abducted a 9 year old girl on the way to school this morning and was sexually assaulting her in his car in the parking lot of an apartment complex. A Police Officer happened by and thought it was 2 teenagers doing their thing. However, when he investigated, he saw it was a young girl. The abductor jumped into the driver's seat and took off. Police chase followed, and eventually the suspect crashed the car and was arrested. The girl was not injured in the crash and is at a local hospital. Thank God for that observant Police Officer. It could have had a tragic ending.


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    Thank god she was spotted in the car with that SOB

    When he was so brazen to grab her in daylight like that and have her in a car you have to wonder how many other children he has grabbed in the past.

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    Prayers for that little girl.

    Here's another story where the FBI set up a sting for those perverts from the North American Man/Boy yuck association. TWO were teachers and one was a minister.

    Steven K. Irvin, 46, of Voskamp Street, North Side, was arrested Saturday by the FBI as he placed his luggage on a boat he believed was going to take him to Ensenada for several days of "bed, boys and breakfast," according to an affidavit of probable cause released Monday.

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