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    FL - 298 Animals And Missing Baby

    Couple called police saying their 16 month old daighter got out of her crib and opened the door and left while they slept.

    Found at the home was 298 animals.

    Baby girl was safe when a relative came to get her and was unable to wake the drunken parents. Police found the note.


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    OMG!! What the heck is wrong with people? Too drunk to know your 16 mo old has left the house? Sheesh! As for 298 animals? They're lucky none of them hurt the child. She could have easily tipped over cages or opened them up.

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    That house must really have reeked from all those caged critters. That baby was lucky that she wasn't harmed, not that the two non-caretakers were concerned for the safety of the lil one. I hope that the baby is permanently removed and placed in a loving home.

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    It freaked me out too much to find the article of the list of animals. Rats. Dead rats too. A flippin hedgehog. Lizards. A lizard out borrowed in the yard.

    Weird though is whatever relative came to take the baby and left the note didn't think it too bad they were drunk off their a**es and endangering a baby and cruelty to animals.

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